The Landfill in Coventry is working towards treating leachate in the Memphremagog Watershed!

DUMP is appealing this permit.

Click HERE to view the submittals that have been filed in this appeal.

There is a current application for a renewal to a leachate discharge permit allowing the landfill to dispose of the leachate at the Montpelier wastewater treatment facility. This permit includes a condition that will be the first step toward building a leachate treatment facility onsite in the Memphremagog watershed. The permit does not specify standards for contaminants discharged, and does not specify technology to remove contaminants. The contaminated residuals (filters, etc.) from the partial treatment of the leachate will most likely end up in the landfill generating more contamination. DUMP is working hard to protect Lake Memphremagog, and this treatment facility would only introduce more risks to the watershed and the International Waters of Canada and Vermont.

Note: A public comment meeting for the Leachate Management Building and Contingency Pad area was held Monday November 14th at the Coventry Community Center. Here is the video of the meeting.

Protect Lake Memphremagog! End this environmental injustice.

photo by Gail Singer

It is an environmental injustice to truck almost all of Vermont’s waste to the Northeast Kingdom, which generates only 7% of the waste disposed of in the Coventry Landfill. 20% of the waste disposed comes from out of state – mainly Massachusetts. Meanwhile, the groundwater in the Memphremagog watershed is being contaminated. The State of Vermont needs a Solid Waste Plan that does not dump all its trash (and imported waste) in the Northeast Kingdom!

A literal mountain of trash overlooks a beautiful lake.

128 Acre Landfill in Coventry overlooking the South Bay of Lake Memphremagog June 15, 2022


Sunset Eagle PointMed
Sunset at Eagle Point, Derby

Through our research, monitoring of water quality reports and published testing, testimony to legislators, and our own petitions for improved regulatory and testing policies, we focus on keeping our water clean and healthy for all Vermonters and Canadians into the future..   


Classroom 2By holding scheduled meetings for stakeholders and the public, participating in press conferences, writing public comments and media articles, we are working hard to inform and engage the public.


CollaborateCollaboration is a key to accomplishing our goal. Working together with other environmental groups in the US and Canada raises our combined knowledge, and provides a strong platform to make the biggest impact.  

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Please join our team of vermont and Canadian citizens in the fight to restore and protect Lake Memphremagog!

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(Header photo by Jeff Gerade, 2018)

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