Is the landfill polluting Lake Memphremagog?

For years up to 15,000 gallons of leachate a day was “treated” at the Newport Waste Water Treatment facility.   In fact, from 2015 through 2019 over 20 MILLION gallons of leachate were delivered and processed through the Newport Waste Water Treatment facility, and then discharged into the Clyde River, and subsequently Lake Memphremagog.   We know this discharge contained toxic chemicals.  Lake Memphremagog supplies drinking water to over 175,000 Canadians.  Would you drink this water?  DUMP was able to negotiate a moratorium on the treatment of leachate at the Newport Waste Water Treatment facility from November 2nd, 2019 until January 2024 when the State of Vermont is due to develop and adopt a safe standard for PFAS levels in surface water.  We must do what we can to keep the lake clean, for ourselves, our children, and our Canadian neighbors!

Why do 30% of the Brown Bullhead trout found in Lake Memphremagog have cancerous legions?

Surveys conducted by the United States Geological Survey and the State of Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, from 2014 to 2017 at two sites in Lake Memphremagog, (South Bay and Hospital Cove), have shown 30% of the adult brown bullhead trout had malignant melanomas.  After repeated questions posed to the experts by representatives from DUMP, we still do not know the cause of these lesions.  We hope they continue pursuing this issue to determine the cause, but we fear that 15,000 gallons of leachate from the landfill that was processed DAILY through the Newport Waste Water Treatment facility may have adversely affected these fish, and other life.  You can read the USGS report. 
USGS brown bullhead trout study

DUMP Member Peggy Stevens sounds our concern in her letter to the Editor published in the Baron Chronicle September 2nd.
8-26 Chronicle letter

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(Header photo by Jeff Gerade, 2018)

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