Landfill Impact

Photo taken by Vermont Agency of Natural Resources during an inspection on 4-18-2018

Vermont’s ONLY landfill in Coventry is a major source of toxic pollution in Vermont waterways!  A statewide issue!

  • 600,000 TONS of trash deposited ANNUALLY!!

  • 13 MILLION GALLONS of toxic leachate containing PFAS and other dangerous toxins flowed into Vermont’s waterways in 2019.

DUMP is an all volunteer Community Organization opposed to the continued use of a single landfill for Vermont’s trash and dedicated to maintaining the health of Lake Memphremagog and the surrounding watershed for fishing, recreation and a reservoir/water source for our Canadian Neighbors.  We are concerned about the adverse environmental impact the landfill continues to have on the State of Vermont!    Our work is currently focused on resolving the issues/questions listed below.

  • What is landfill leachate?  Is this toxic liquid poisoning our environment? Our drinking water?
    Click here for more info.

  • Is the landfill polluting Lake Memphremagog?  Lake Champlain?  Why do 30% of the Brown Bullhead trout in Lake Memphremagog have cancerous lesions?
    Get the details here.

  • Are there alternatives to having one big dump for the entire state of Vermont located in the Northeast Kingdom?  What is the State of Vermont’s Plan for solid waste management?  Review our concerns, and the rules that currently govern solid waste disposal in Vermont here.

  • Is the State of Vermont doing enough to protect our rivers and lakes from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals?  Is there a “safe” level for PFAS in surface water?  Here are our thoughts and what we know of the state’s plans.

  • What will happen when the landfill is closed (no longer accepting waste)? Who will be financially responsible for maintaining and protecting our health and environment from the toxins that will continue to be produced by this enormous (and growing) landfill? Will taxpayers have to pay to continue protecting our environment?  Here is what we have found thus far.

Our NH neighbors are fighting to oppose
a landfill in Dalton.
Read about their battle here:

Save Forest Lake, Dalton, NH

Please join us in the fight to close the landfill and find a better solution!

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(Header photo by Jeff Gerade, 2018)

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