Legal Status

DUMP is appealing a wrongful ruling by the
Agency of Natural Resources!

The ANR has ruled that the polluted discharge from a drain under the landfill does not need a permit required by the Clean Water Act.  We disagree, and so do the Conservation Law Foundation and the Vermont Natural Resources Council as they have joined DUMP in this appeal.  From their joint press release:

“The State’s irresponsible decision not to require a Clean Water Act permit blows a hole through the law’s core protections and leaves Vermonters exposed to pollutants. The court should reverse the state’s decision and require a permit with effective pollution control limits.”

Mason Overstreet, CLF Attorney

“DUMP has correctly identified that there is a harmful discharge that is polluting Vermont waters with PFAS chemicals that must be addressed under the Clean Water Act,”

Jon Groveman, VNRC Policy and Water Program Director

This is one of several efforts made by DUMP to protect Lake Memphremagog.  We are working hard to stop any current polluted discharge, and to prevent any future polluted discharges from this landfill from flowing into the watershed.  We are a small group, and as our member Ed Stanak stated in a recent VTDigger article:

“It’s very much welcome assistance. DUMP is the epitome of a grassroots organization,” he said. “(It’s) mostly folks up in the Northeast Kingdom trying to do it themselves, and struggling to have the regulatory system in Vermont respond to a host of issues associated with the industrial land use up there.”

Ed Stanak, DUMP Member

Click the image below to view coverage by WCAX.

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