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DUMP continues to fight to Keep Lake Memphremagog Clean for you and your loved ones.   We are working on resolving the issues/questions listed below.

  • What is leachate?  Is it poisoning our environment? Our drinking water?
    Click here for more info.

  • Is the landfill polluting Lake Memphremagog?  Why do 30% of the Brown Bullhead trout have cancerous lesions?
    Get the details here.

  • What is the State of Vermont’s Plan for Solid Waste Management?  Is there a plan? Review our concerns, and the rules that currently govern solid waste disposal in Vermont here.

  • How is the State of Vermont keeping our rivers and lakes free of harmful “forever” toxic chemicals?  Is there a “safe” level for PFAS in surface water?  Here are our thoughts and what we know of the state’s plans.

  • What happens when the landfill is closed (no longer accepting waste)? Who is financially responsible for the lasting consequences of a garbage dump?  Will taxpayers have to pay to protect our air and water from the garbage?  Here is what we have found thus far.

Our NH neighbors are fighting to oppose a landfill in Dalton.  Read about their battle here:

Save Forest Lake, Dalton, NH

Please join us in the fight to close the landfill and find a better solution!

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(Header photo by Jeff Gerade, 2018)

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