Is there an alternative to having one big dump for the entire state of Vermont located in the Northeast Kingdom?  What is the State of Vermont’s Plan for Solid Waste Management?

We recently reviewed a draft of revised Solid Waste Management Rules that have been proposed by the State.  We learned that the state rolled back some restrictions, and left out any mention of strategic plans for future solid waste management.  Is Vermont going to continue to send all the trash in the state to the Northeast Kingdom?  You can view our commented version that was sent to the Agency of Natural Resources here.

  • Why is there only one landfill in Vermont, and what is the impact of hauling trash on our transportation infrastructure, especially our smaller state highways?

The landfill is owned and operated by the Casella corporation.  Currently they hold a monopoly on the waste management in Vermont, and they control the trucking system that collects the trash from the various counties/districts, and delivers it to the Northeast Kingdom, the area that produces the least amount of trash in the state.

  • How much waste is dumped in Coventry annually?

–> In 2019 555,250 TONS of waste were received at the landfill in Coventry.
–> Out of State waste accounts for nearly 1 out of every 5 tons.
–> Chittenden County produces more than one third of Vermont’s waste.

Graph 2019 Tonnage
Data compiled from quarterly reports produced by NEWSVT to comply with Condition 78 of landfill permit

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